Sentieo’s Award-Winning Innovation Offers Hedge Funds a Competitive Advantage

AI-Driven Research Platform Delivers a Clear View of Investment Opportunities 

San Francisco, CA – December 13, 2021 Sentieo, makers of the award-winning AI-powered research platform, has continued to grow its roster of global hedge fund customers. Large, mid-size, and emerging hedge funds including Ardevora Asset Management and Sylebra Capital, as well as global asset managers including Schroders and Magellan Asset Management, rely on Sentieo to transform the investment research process and gain a competitive edge. The company’s innovative approach has yielded three recent hedge fund industry awards. Sentieo beat out competitors to be named “Best AI Technology Provider” by the 2021 Hedgeweek Americas Awards and the Hedgeweek European Awards 2021, and named “Best Research Management Solution” by the 2021 HFM European Technology Awards. For more on how Sentieo provides hedge fund customers with a clear view of investment opportunities, check out our case study.

The best investment firms stake their reputations on the confidence that they can find what others can’t such as more alpha, stronger picks, better portfolio strategies, more consistent processes, anything that gives clients a reason to trust them with their assets. As the volume of data – both structured and unstructured – proliferates rapidly, research teams are overwhelmed by information. The legacy tools and point solutions many have in place simply don’t work together and aren’t powerful or intelligent enough to move the needle on analyst performance or client outcomes.

“Our team is dedicated to building and protecting our clients’ assets — we don’t have time to waste on anything that detracts from that mission, especially inefficient research processes. Sentieo research workflows just work, streamlining document management and collaboration so our team can concentrate on what’s most important: our clients,” noted Chris Taylor, Head of Equities Management, Schroders

Unlike other solutions, Sentieo’s AI-powered research engine enables analysts to find information quickly across millions of documents and datasets (including unstructured data), share findings, collaborate, and use a unified cloud-based hub to streamline even the most data-intensive work. Featuring natural language processing and innovative machine learning capabilities that are seamlessly integrated into the full research workflow, Sentieo’s award-winning platform offers fund managers multiple ways to bring their own content into the platform and inform investment insights. From collaboration tools like Slack and Microsoft Teams to content hubs like Box and Dropbox, analysts can search thousands of sources in seconds, quickly uncover insights that support their portfolio strategy, and get better results.

“Time and time again we’ve heard from frustrated customers and prospects that the legacy solutions in place to conduct and analyze investment research simply cannot meet the needs of today’s work environment or workflow. Our primary business goal is to alleviate this burden by providing a cloud-based platform – full of AI-driven innovations – to do the job,” noted CEO, David Lichtblau.

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About Sentieo

Sentieo is a financial research platform for executives, investment analysts, and researchers that offers them the insights, speed, and confidence they need to make informed strategic decisions so they can outperform the market and gain a competitive edge. Serving a global customer base of over 1,000, including institutional asset managers, family offices, and Fortune 500 corporations, Sentieo is the first platform to support the complete financial and corporate research workflow. To learn more about Sentieo, visit