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Insights That Win

Sentieo is a financial and corporate research platform that empowers competitive investors and corporations to rapidly and confidently discover the insights they need to win.

Driving Insights

How Does the Sentieo Platform Drive Insights?

Sentieo is leading the change in adopting financial and corporate research platforms to replace disconnected, inefficient, and expensive tools. We uniquely bring together financial document search, data extraction and modeling, market data, and research management to empower the complete analyst research process.

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Solutions that empower competitive investors and corporations to rapidly discover insights so they can make smarter investments and execute winning strategies


  • Document Search

    Sentieo’s AI-driven Document Search solution is the fastest and most powerful way to search through millions of documents and content sources. By applying natural language processing and advanced linguistic algorithms to the search process, Sentieo saves you time and helps you find the winning, uncharted insights others miss in their research.

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  • Data Analysis

    Sentieo helps analysts discover uncharted insights and make confident decisions faster with a suite of integrated tools to build financial models, analyze language, and visualize trends quickly.

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  • Research Management

    Sentieo’s integrated platform helps streamline workflows, eliminating the need for multiple tools and steps to conduct financial and corporate research.

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Customer Stories

“Our team is dedicated to building and protecting our clients’ assets — we don’t have time to waste on anything that detracts from that mission, especially inefficient research processes. Sentieo research workflows just work, streamlining document management and collaboration so our team can concentrate on what’s most important: our clients.”

Chris Taylor

Head of Equities Management

“I would definitely recommend Sentieo as a financial research platform. It’s intuitive and doesn’t require the many hours of training that Bloomberg requires to get proficient. Plus, I’ve found the support to be highly responsive and useful."

Archit Sheth-Shah


“Sentieo is an incredibly useful innovative and collaborative equity research tool. Nothing else on the market came close to offering us a streamlined and collaborative platform for reviewing and annotating company documents and transcripts. We were intrigued by Sentieo’s impressive capability to pull as-reported data into Excel. A web-native, cloud platform was also a big plus.”

Elliot Turner

“Sentieo is a powerful platform that enables me to track my competitors and peer group companies. It saves me hours of research time that was previously spent on manual tracking and modeling. And it enables me to sound a little smarter, since so much of the data that I need is at my fingertips in Sentieo.”

Mark Lewis


“Over a 20+ year career, I have used numerous financial research platforms, and nothing comes close to Sentieo’s analytical tools and powerful search engine.”

Chris Quilty


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Sentieo’s Financial and Corporate Research Platform empowers investors and corporations to rapidly discover insights so they can make smarter investments and execute winning strategies.