Sentieo Drives Improved Sector Investment and Competitive Strategies With New Machine Learning-Driven Analysis

Latest release delivers NLP Topic & Sector Heatmap, Sector Dashboard Templates, and new Tableau® Visualization Dashboard Widgets

SAN FRANCISCO – July 6, 2020 – Sentieo, the leading, next-generation financial and corporate research platform, today announced the availability of its latest release. This release enables institutional investors and corporate analysts to discover deeper insights about their coverage areas or competitors. The new NLP Topic & Sector Heatmap analyzes sentiment, performance drivers, and language across an organization’s earnings transcripts and compares that with peer companies. Additionally, the release will deliver faster enterprise deployments with sector-specific dashboard templates, and the integration of data and content from 3rd party apps into Sentieo dashboards, including live visualizations from Tableau, reducing app and context switching.

“This latest release brings a new way for equity and corporate analysts to get to performance insights at the sector or peer group level,” said Naman Shah, Co-Founder & President, Sentieo. “Using our leading deep learning models, the new NLP Heatmaps and new dashboard capabilities provide our clients with a shortcut to unique insights on what is driving a sector’s performance and the corporate strategies or business conditions that indicate a company is, or isn’t, keeping up with their peers.”

Highlights of this release include:

Deeper Peer and Competitor Insights with NLP Topic & Sector Heatmap

The new NLP Topic & Sector Heatmap uses natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning technology in the Sentieo platform to understand sentiment and business drivers for an organization, or across a peer group of companies, over time. This new tool builds on Sentieo’s NLP Smart Summary™ earnings call transcript analysis capabilities to allow fast and easy comparison across multiple companies. For example, understanding the drivers for volume deceleration across multiple consumer staple companies in a quarter. This only takes a few clicks, eliminating the need to read and digest tens or hundreds of earnings call transcripts. 

Faster Analyst Onboarding with Sector Dashboard Templates

As the number of enterprise deployments of corporate and financial research platforms grows, clients are looking for ways to reduce the time analysts spend setting up dashboards for their sector coverage areas. Sentieo’s new dashboard templates provide ready-made layouts and configurations for major sectors, including energy, technology, REITs, healthcare, consumer, utilities, and industrials. These provide out-of-the-box access to tracking of financial data and trends, new documents, news, notes, events, and visualizations—accelerating large-scale deployments of Sentieo and new sector coverage onboarding for individual analysts.

More Complete Insights With Tableau Visualization and IFrame Integration to Sentieo Dashboards

Using simple to deploy IFrames and Tableau viewer widgets, Sentieo clients can now add content and data from 3rd party applications into their dashboards. Many institutional investors and corporations use Tableau to visualize KPIs related to sector or company analysis. Integrating this into the Sentieo platform reduces time spent switching between platforms and provides new opportunities for insights that will drive investment and strategy decisions.

Sentieo 4.3 is available to clients now. Read more about today’s release here.

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