Sentieo Announces 60% Returns on Q1 Alternative Data Stock Picks and Reveals New Picks for 2nd Half of 2019

Performance and new picks highlight the value of alternative data as part of a complete equity research workflow

SAN FRANCISCO, July 16, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Sentieo, the leading, next-generation financial research platform provider, today announced a new set of stock picks using alternative data as a leading indicator of performance. This list of stocks was built using Sentieo, which remains the only financial research platform to integrate both traditional and alternative data into a single workflow that can be used by all equity and corporate analysts. This second-round of stock picks for 2019 builds on the success of Sentieo’s Q1 picks, which are up 60% YTD compared with the S&P 500 ETF SPY performance of up 20% since January 2019.

“Our Q1 2019 Sentieo Picks clearly highlight the impact of adding alternative data to an equity analyst or portfolio manager’s daily research workflow,” said Alap Shah, CEO and co-founder, Sentieo. “Our eleven Q1 picks built a portfolio of recommended stocks that outperformed the S&P and are up by 60% for the year. Our new picks feature additional data sources and expand the range of companies and sectors covered to continue demonstrating the value of alternative data for equity investors.”

While the use of alternative data by investors has increased, it remains far from a mainstream tool in many firms – mostly due to the challenge of using such large and complex datasets. Each year millions of dollars are being spent on data science and alternative data projects within fund management teams, but this critical new source of alpha remains in the hands of just a few specialists. Sentieo provides access to alternative data to any analyst. Sentieo’s platform is designed to dramatically reduce the time spent by equity analysts in driving their research workflow, from searching for data to generating insights that lead to improved investment performance. The addition of alternative data to that workflow increases opportunities for finding alpha far beyond legacy document search or equity data terminal solutions.

Sentieo’s 13 alternative data picks for H2 2019 include:

  • Snapchat (SNAP)
  • Planet Fitness (PLNT)
  • Twitter (TWTR)
  • Crocs (CROX)

The full list of 13 picks can be downloaded via this guide to using Alternative Data for equity research:

Sentieo will be highlighting its methodology for choosing its stock picks during a webinar on August 1st, at 10am PST. Register here now.

The Sentieo alternative data stock picks are for illustrative purposes only and not stock purchase recommendations.

About Sentieo
Sentieo is the first financial research platform designed to empower equity and corporate analysts. Combining traditional and alternative datasets, Sentieo increases efficiency and boosts alpha generation for asset managers, investment banks, and corporations. Serving a global customer base, Sentieo has a team of over 175, with offices in San Francisco, New York, and New Delhi, India. To learn more about Sentieo visit:

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