Data Analysis

Uncover Insights from Documents and Unstructured Data

Multiple applications, tools, and steps used in an analyst’s research workflow not only waste valuable time—the disjointed output also makes it difficult to find the insights needed to optimize returns and develop winning strategies.

Sentieo helps analysts discover uncharted insights and make confident decisions faster with a suite of integrated tools to build financial models, analyze sectors and language, and visualize trends quickly.

Better Decisions

Make Better Decisions Faster with Table Explorer

Sentieo’s Table Explorer eliminates the time-intensive work of identifying, connecting, auditing, and visualizing data and KPIs from company filings:

  • Create an Excel-style spreadsheet view of a table with a single click
  • Chain similar tables going back in time
  • Quickly audit data against source filings, including restatements
  • Edit and optimize tables for analysis
  • Spot trends and formulate insights with built-in data visualization
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Faster Insights

Find Material Insights with NLP Smart Summary Transcript Analysis

Sentieo’s NLP Smart Summary™ leverages natural language processing, machine learning, and sentiment analysis, to standardize the review of earnings call transcripts:

  • Classify sentences into the most important categories and subcategories
  • Identify positive and negative sentiment across categories and sentences
  • Visualize the spread between management and analyst sentiment
  • Tag key terms
  • Deliver transcript analysis reports automatically into your inbox
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Deeper Insights

Get Deeper Insights Faster with NLP Topic & Sector Heatmap

The evolution of Sentieo’s NLP Smart Summary™ sentiment analysis technology, NLP Topic & Sector Heatmap expedites the process of uncovering insights from transcripts.

  • Quickly understand sentiment and topics for a single company over time
  • Compare business drivers, performance, and language for a set of peers or a sector
  • Add NLP Topic & Sector Heatmap to your dashboards
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Uncharted Insights

Identify Uncharted Insights with Plotter

Sentieo Plotter is a data visualization tool that makes it easy to use multiple data sources to identify company and sector-level insights:

  • Access many datasets, from KPIs pulled from SEC filings, FRED macro data, Twitter mentions, and your own uploaded datasets
  • Combine datasets to create visualizations
  • Create statistical overlays such as means, moving averages, standard deviations, and correlations
  • Create relationships between data series, such as ratios, sums, and market-cap weighted P/Es
  • Leverage your visualizations across the analyst workflow—share, use in a thesis, add to a Dashboard
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Time Savings

Get At-a-Glance Productivity with Dashboards

Sentieo’s customizable Dashboards let you do many things “at-a-glance” using a library of widgets and dashboard templates for key use cases and sectors:

  • Track real-time prices and financials across all of your watchlist tickers
  • Follow a ticker, a watchlist, or industry-specific documents, saved searches, and news
  • View data visualizations and charts
  • Monitor your own or your team’s research activities and notes
  • Integrate 3rd party content with IFrame, Tableau, and RSS widgets
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Customer Stories

“While I used to spend hours chaining multiple tables for historical analysis and modeling, I now spend less than 5 minutes with Table Explorer--it does the work for me!”

Chris Baviello

Managing Director



Table Explorer

Introducing Table Explorer for Model Builders: Enhanced Visualization and Extraction of As Reported Data

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