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Workflow Standardization in Sentieo 4.4: Sharing Dashboards and Saved Searches

Sentieo’s latest product release continues to build on our leadership in improving the entire workflow of analysts and other knowledge professionals. 

This blog post focuses on two of these features: the sharing of saved searches, and the sharing of dashboards. As our clients know, sharing any content on the platform, from data visualizations to text highlights to full write-ups, is a breeze. We took this a step further in 4.4, and enabled the sharing of both saved searches and dashboards. 

These new functions are particularly helpful in situations like transfer of coverage (i.e. sharing all company-specific searches/alerts, such as “send me an alert every time someone mentions a product name on a call”), and in cases where the user would like to share a particularly complex search query (we work with clients to create exhaustive saved search alerts on complex topics where we combine our extensive Boolean operators with contextual and synonym search, across dimensions like certain geographies or market cap limits). 

Our Dashboards have been very well received by clients because of the extensive customization possible, from financial data to document feeds to visualizations to integrations with Tableau. But once an analyst does the work in building out the dashboard (from scratch or from one of our templates), it can now be shared across the team. This is particularly useful, again, when there are events like transferring coverage (“here is my Residential REITs dashboard”). 

As with everything we do at Sentieo, these updates are designed to scale your IP faster, and transfer in-house best practices seamlessly across your entire team. 

Register for our October 13th Workflow Standardization Webinar for more details on these features if you are a customer, contact us to set up a free trial if you are not, and be sure to subscribe to the Sentieo Blog for more posts on the new release.