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Win Earnings Season with an Alert-Driven, AI-Powered Workflow

We all know that earnings season is the busiest time of the year, yet how much thought have you given to the impact advanced tools can have on managing information overload and improving your workflow?

Whether you are an investment analyst, investor relations officer, or other financial and corporate research professional, automating your earnings season research process with an alert-driven, AI-powered workflow can save you a significant amount of time and ensure no material insights are missed.

We’ve put together a series of short videos to show you how Sentieo can be used to:

  • Set up a watchlist (or watchlists) of companies
  • Schedule email (“push”) alerts to be sent to you when new documents are available for companies on your watchlist
  • Manage the full research workflow from alerts through to highlighting filings and capturing them in a research note to share with your team
  • Stay on top of topics (not just specific company tickers) through saved search alerts
  • Create dashboards to get an at-a-glance view into all of the information you are tracking for watchlists or individual companies

In this first video, we discuss why you need watchlists for your alerts. While you can configure individual alerts by company, having a watchlist lets you do several things on the Sentieo platform. One is set up the same alerts for the whole list at once. Another is searching all the documents for that watchlist at once in our document search. You can also bring up the watchlists in any dashboards that you build in Sentieo. 

For example, if you take the US automotive industry, maybe you want to track the parts suppliers, the manufacturers, and the car dealers separately. Having three watchlists lets you monitor the entire chain with the level of detail that you need. Maybe you don’t want all Form 4s from the parts suppliers but you want absolutely everything that comes from one or more car dealers. 

In this video, we go over what your watchlist-based alerts look like in your email inbox. You can choose to have the alerts come to you via email, on the desktop app, or on the mobile app. The starting point is the watchlist with the asset managers that we showed in the first video in the series. The key here is the high level of customization of the email alerts you receive: control content and control timing. Most documents are also delivered in full in your inbox: no need to click several times on the company websites to read them. 

In the videos above, we cover the purpose of watchlists and alerts, and what these alerts look like for one specific watchlist in your email inbox or a special email folder. In this video we will focus on workflow: we will show what to do from here with your alerts. We look at our machine learning and natural language processing transcript Smart Summary™. We also show a workflow that incorporates your highlights from transcripts, filings, and PowerPoints into one research report that is sent out to your team.

In this video, we will focus on staying on top of topics through saved search alerts. Sentieo’s machine learning-powered document search solution doesn’t require you to search specific tickers. We help you find the needle in the haystack and automate the monitoring of these topics. Any search can be saved, including mentions of a company while excluding that company’s documents (to remove false positives), searches across different filters, like industry or “in table” or for specific regulatory forms. 

In this video, we cover using Sentieo’s customizable dashboards to get the information you need as it becomes available. Unlike alerts that come to your email or desktop or mobile, dashboards let you look at new information “at a glance”. We set up a simple dashboard for a variety of documents, curated tweets, saved searches, stock price information, and news. Be sure to read our recent blog post for more detailed information and videos on Sentieo’s updated Dashboard functions

Ready to win your earnings season with an alert-driven, AI-powered workflow? Get in touch with us today to learn more.