Why Sentieo?

The tools that investment and corporate analysts currently use provide the same structured, financial data, and present it in isolation from all the other sources of insight that can drive a better investment or corporate strategy. Everyone is doing their research using the same information, and thus getting pretty much the same results.

We’re creating a world where competitive organizations have the insights they need to win. We empower investors and corporations to rapidly discover insights so they can make smarter investments and execute winning strategies through a Financial and Corporate Research Platform.

Why Customers Choose Sentieo

Access Uncharted Insights

We’ve taken decades of investment and corporate research expertise and poured it into a smarter solution, one that combines traditional structured data with the information locked away in the words and tables inside filings, news releases, and transcripts. Sentieo enables you to understand the context and nuance of a corporation’s situation in unprecedented ways. Our users combine and examine data that delivers insights in ways that other analysts simply don’t — because they don’t think that it’s possible or they believe that it’s going to take too much time and effort. With these enriched, uncharted insights in-hand, you’re uniquely positioned to take fast, decisive action ahead of the competition.

Find Uncharted Insights

Faster Speed to Discovery

Research more information, faster, so you can free up your time to do higher-value tasks and make the tough decisions that only a human can make. With Sentieo, we remove the friction caused by the time-consuming research drudgery of reading earnings transcripts, finding KPI data in every filing for the past 10 years, or searching through millions of documents so you can quickly get to what matters: useful information, high-impact data, and valuable, enriched insights. It’s not about research for research’s sake: it’s about making decisions that give you an edge. We eliminate painful time and effort from current research workflows so you can collaborate quickly and move fast. Spend less time researching and more time taking action.

Get Insights Faster

Greater Confidence in Decisions

With access to all the right documents, data, and tools in one place, you can make confident decisions about your next move. The unparalleled visibility and unified view of the truth you get with Sentieo ensures you can collaborate with confidence to make the right investment or the right change to corporate strategy. Whether it’s betting early on a new investment pick, or weighing a potential company acquisition, no one wants to be wrong, and you can ensure better outcomes when you use Sentieo to research deeply, explore data to test hypotheses, and make confident decisions. Sentieo not only enables you to make smart investments, but it also provides the ability to monitor, track, and review your research process. This means you can both make it better and when you need to audit it, all the data and communication are right there in the research platform, not in emails, document stores, or on an analyst’s hard drive.

Make Decisions with Confidence

Enterprise-Grade Research Platform

Enterprise Support

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Enterprise Security & Deployment

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