Webinar Recap: Standardized equity data at lower cost and with better usability

One of the most frequently used modules on the Sentieo platform is our Equity Data Terminal (or EDT, for short). Through our partnership with Refinitiv, we bring users a very wide range of standardized equity data, and, on top, we overlay the productivity tools that make our platform a favorite among buyside and corporate financial research professionals. 

Last week, I sat down with our EDT product manager, Youssef Essaegh, to discuss the extensive data available through the platform, and how it integrates with the other modules on the platform. 

These extensive integrations mean higher productivity and more reliability across your entire workflow, from idea generation and discovery, to your complete report/thesis. 

In this webinar, we covered the basics, such as 

  • Various standardized metrics available for tens of thousands of globally listed companies
  • Analyst estimates across line items
  • KPIs and Ratios
  • Dashboards 
  • Auditing to the source documents 

We also delved into more complex features like 

  • Our interactive online models
  • Extensive MS Excel plugin 
  • Exports of data and visuals
  • Sophisticated screening and comp tables features 
  • Powerful visualizations in our Plotter module where standardized data can be combined with thousands of other “regular” and alternative data sets 

If you missed the webinar, you can still view it at any time here.