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U.S. Election 2020 Dashboard Explained

Last week, we launched our U.S. Election 2020 dashboard. Our analysis of the platforms of both campaigns resulted in four investable themes for each candidate, outside of the obvious. We’ve detailed each of these in our two reports: Six Stocks and One ETF for a Biden Presidency and Six Stocks and One ETF for a Trump Second Term. Our dashboard however, offers a live look at these stock ideas, the data influencing them, as well as some insight into current events around the election and each campaign. (Spoiler alert: there is a lot!)

In this post we’ll cover each of the widgets and tools available in the Dashboard.

Price monitor

The Price Monitor displays positions from multiple watchlists, along with financial, alternative and internal data for these positions. Positions can be added to this view directly without a need for a watchlist. Users can add many fields and save separate views: for example, for certain watchlists users might want to see P/AFFO and data from their internal theses.

Total Returns Plotter Widget 

Here we loaded a data viz from our Plotter that shows the Total Returns for the different baskets as well as the SPY. Users can change the timeframe and show/hide the individual data sets. 

This is what the dataviz looks like in Plotter (public viewer chart

Saved Search widget

This saved search widget displays snippets from transcripts globally (not linked to any watchlists or stocks in the Price Monitor but could be). We saved a search in our Document Search for terms like election or Biden, across all transcripts, and then we simply loaded it into the widget. 

This is what the saved search looks like in the Saved Searches folder in our Document Search. Saved Searches can also be set up for email or desktop or mobile alerts at user-defined frequency. 

LexisNexis Articles Widget

This widget displays article titles from our extensive LexisNexis news/journal/magazine source integration. We have linked the articles to the securities in the current Price Monitor (note the chain icon in the upper right). 

Press Releases Widget

This widget displays specifically Press Releases from, or related to, the securities in the Price Monitor. 

Search Trends Plotter Widget 

Here we have loaded a saved Plotter that has US search data for the two presidential candidates on the same volume scale

The full chart in Plotter looks like this (public chart viewer)

 Tip: to have the two sets on the same scale, enter them at the same time when using Plotter, separated by a comma. Make sure you select the broader “topic” category for each (otherwise, you’d get only the specific keyword).

Web Traffic Plotter Widget 

Here we are showing the 10-day moving average (for smoothing) of Alexa page views to each candidate’s website. 

This is what these data sets look like in Plotter (public viewer link)

Tip: users can display multiple moving averages at the same time, along with mean, median, standard deviation bands, and YoY % change. 

RSS Feeds Widget

This widget enables users to display one or more of their existing RSS subscriptions. The widget can be linked to display articles related only to the securities that are loaded in the Price Monitor. In this example, we are showing the general feeds coming from FiveThirtyEight and RealClearPolitics. 

Managing the active feeds can be done right from the widget where users can select which active RSS subscriptions to display. 

Adding entirely new RSS sources happens from the Document Search homepage. 

NLP Heatmaps Widget

The NLP Heatmaps widget brings in one of our Natural Language Processing applications on the Dashboard. Here we are looking at transcript sentence classifications across the loaded tickers, along with Sentiment. Users can click on the broad categories on the left to expand, and inside the boxes to read the extracted text. 

We’ve created this short video walkthrough as well. If you have any questions or would like to set up a free trial to try the Dashboard out for yourself, contact us.