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Take Your Research Workflow & Financial Data With You Wherever You Are

Whether you’re traveling to conferences or simply need to take your research with you to another room, your work doesn’t need to skip a beat with our Mobile Apps. If you have an iPhone or iPad, you can take Sentieo with you wherever you are.

In this post, we’ll be highlighting some of the main features that are accessible in our Mobile Apps.

Innovative Search and Filtering (iPhone and iPad Notebook)

As you create more notes and content within your Sentieo Notebook throughout your time on the platform, it is now even easier to search and filter through your content. Whether you’re traveling to conferences, visiting clients, or on your commute, Sentieo makes it simple to easily find the note you’re looking for.

When you’re on Sentieo’s Mobile app (iPhone or iPad), simply tap on the Search icon. When you tap on it, it’ll pull up the following screen:

You can immediately start typing away, and the search box will categorize into the following sections:

  • Notes containing “searchphrase”
  • Notes with Tickers
  • Notes with Tags
  • Notes with Labels

When you select an option, it will automatically tokenize a ticker (if selected) or tag. You can also stack search phrases, so that you can search for any combination of tickers, tags, labels, or general queries.

Watchlist Search

You now have the ability to seamlessly search through your watchlists on our Mobile Doc Search (iPhone and iPad), just like you can in our Web App. Simply type in the name of the watchlist that you want to search through and tap on the name or hit “Enter”. 

Please note that all watchlists will be synced over from your account on the Web App and can be managed there.


New Document Sources

We’ve improved our process for making new document sources accessible in our Mobile apps so you’ll start to see minimal wait time when new document sources are added to the Sentieo platform. For example, you can already access the new regulatory sources added with this release (, Department of Energy, Covid-19) in our Mobile apps, as well as PubMed, EPA, and FDA sources.

Simply tap on the “Filters” icon when you’re in the Mobile Doc Search, and you will be able to access the new Regulatory Filings or Professional Journals in addition to the rest of the Document Types.

In addition to the newest features above, here’s a quick summary of the notable features we’ve released this past year:

Private Company Data: You can now search for Private Company data on the Sentieo mobile app! Users now have the ability to search for private company news and press releases using Document Search as well in the Notebook. Note that this feature is in beta as we continue to expand the types of documents and data available in Sentieo for private companies.

Structured Fields in Notebook: structured field tables will now be visible on mobile (iPhone & iPad). Please note that the Structured Fields in Mobile will be currently view-only at the moment. 

Universal Links: any links opened from email alerts will drop you into the correct part of the mobile app from now on. This will primarily impact filing and saved search alerts.

With both in-app and mobile alerts, never miss any important developments in the companies and industries you care about.

Download the Sentieo Mobile Apps today or get in touch to discuss how Sentieo can help your team save research time and stay productive on the road or at home.