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Financial and Corporate Research Platform for Investors

Sentieo is the only fully integrated research platform for competitive investors, delivering uncharted insights, faster speed to discovery, and greater confidence in decisions for institutional and individual investors that rely on timely and relevant access to public company data, documents, and analytics to develop and execute winning strategies.

Use Case

Institutional Investors

Institutional investment firms save hundreds of hours of analysts’ time, get uncharted insights to drive alpha-generating strategy, and make decisions with a lot more confidence using Sentieo.

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Use Case

Individual Investors

Competitive investors discover unique insights to drive alpha-generating strategy and make better investment decisions using the Sentieo stock analysis platform.

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Customer Stories

“Nothing else on the market came close to offering us a streamlined and collaborative platform for reviewing and annotating company documents and transcripts. We were intrigued by Sentieo’s impressive capability to pull as-reported data into Excel. A web-native, cloud platform was a big plus.”

Jason Gilbert

RGA Investment Advisors

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Sentieo Research Management System

Sentieo’s Research Management System (RMS) delivers better fund-wide returns, protection of IP, and compliance.

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Sentieo’s Financial and Corporate Research Platform empowers investors and corporations to rapidly discover insights so they can make smarter investments and execute winning strategies.