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Six Flags Entertainment (NYSE:SIX) Transcript Smart Summary Highlights: Complete Operations Shutdown But Superb Liquidity Management Ensures Survival

We continue our series on Q1 2020 Earnings Season, analyzing calls across a variety of industries using our machine learning and natural language call transcript application, Smart SummaryTM. Yesterday and the day before we looked at the logistics company, UPS (NYSE: UPS) and healthcare testing with LabCorp (NYSE: LH). Today we will cover Six Flags Entertainment (NYSE: SIX). 

The Six Flags transcript we’re reviewing today was reported on April 30, 2020. The Smart Summary arrived in my email box just a few minutes after the regular transcript. 

The Smart Summary begins with a word cloud using NLP keyword surfacing on top of the new tear sheet. 

We can see the words “crisis” and “Covid” loom large, of course, and we can also see the term “suspension of operations.” More interesting are social distancing (big questions around capacity for restaurants and entertainment venues) along with virtual queuing. We also see liquidity position and revolver: the company has managed this very well. 

The overall sentiment is lower than any time in recent history, as one would expect, so was UPS’s sentiment.

The ML-based Categories Heatmap is also more red than recent quarters across our broad ML classification categories. We can see that the most recent quarter is “redder” than anything before, indicating more negative sentences in each category.

The Top Terms for the most recent quarter are dominated by Covid and the closures, along with a mention of the revolver.

In the next section, we highlight several categories from the ML output, along with their sentiment scoring. The first category is Covid: a complete shutdown and an entirely unpredictable situation means the top 5 sentences are all negative. 

In the Business section, we can read about the company’s longer-term initiatives (marked as positive).

In the 8-min video below, we do a more detailed walkthrough of the emailed Smart Summary along with the full version inside our product. We discuss the full version of the Smart Summary, visualize the business seasonality for both revenues and cash flows (and compare it to Vail Resorts), we discuss the stock price recovery and the successful bond issuance. 

Stay tuned for more highlights next week. To learn even more, register for our Q1 2020 Earnings Season Recap webinar on Thursday, May 7. And, if you would like to learn more about Sentieo’s ML and NLP capabilities, we’d be happy to schedule a demo