Sentieo: The Work from Home Tool for Investment and Corporate Research

Just a few short weeks ago we spotted the work-from-home trend in corporate calls and stock market action. At the time we noted that we were “witnessing the markets pricing around large-scale adoption of [“Work from Home” portfolio companies] due to the coronavirus.” Others agreed—our data and insights were featured in Vox, the Washington Post, the Globe and Mail—and what was a burgeoning trend two weeks ago is now a mandate in cities all over the U.S. 

Like the companies we featured in our “work from home” portfolio, Sentieo provides its users the same functionality at home as it does from the office, making it the most comprehensive work from home solution for investment and corporate research.

Or, as one Sentieo client said, “Sentieo is like a finance vertical version of Slack —conversations around research notes and documents. And its search functionality is A+.”

As a cloud-native application, Sentieo is the only research platform that incorporates a purpose-built, comprehensive Research Management System with all of the other tools used by research analysts: document reading/search/alerts, financial and alternative data, data visualizations, and more. 

The RMS is great for saving notes, charts, models, screens, visualizations, and other tidbits from the platform, but the real power comes together when teams can collaborate seamlessly with comments, document additions, version control, full search, and more. All of your team’s IP stays in one place. And then there is the ROI on time from not having to switch all the time between tools with limited functionality and no integrations.

Portfolio managers can view the progress being made on an investment thesis and read select updates coming in from team members working around the world—all in real-time. For compliance and IT professionals, draconian version control, detailed permissioning, and our SOC-2 compliance provide peace of mind with visibility and audibility. We also integrate with a number of popular tools and offer special environments for our large institutional clients. 

But what does it look like?

To begin, any text, table, image or visualization in Sentieo can be highlighted to be saved, labeled (optional), and automatically tagged with a ticker. We also have a web clipper, uploads (manual and automatic), and email forwarding: if you are still using Ctrl+F in your email, it’s time to rethink your process. 

Here we are highlighting text to save for future use. 

Here we are saving a scatterplot for future use

Here we have entered our own assumptions about a stock and its valuation, and are sending this scenario to Notebook. 

Inside the RMS, users can write own Notes and combine with highlights, and build full theses.

This is what a Note with text and combined highlights and tables looks like. Note that all highlights collected link to the original document for easy audit and context. 

And this is what a full-blown thesis with structured fields on top for work product standardization, team comments, attachments, and quarterly updates looks like:

Updates can be shared with individuals, teams, or sent via email to non-users. Our manager-level users love the Research Management dashboards. These dashboards offer instant insights into what the team is working on, with activity (and documents, and financial data, and more) updates in real-time. 

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