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Sentieo & Microsoft Teams: Another Step Towards Seamless Collaboration

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Tools offering instant messaging and video conferencing capabilities are here to stay. These tools have established their place firmly in the workflows of all teams, from development teams in SaaS companies to M&A teams at MNCs. The volume of communication taking place on these tools is increasing ever so steadily and, in response to the interest from our users, we are committed to integration with such tools.

Following the rollout of our Slack integration earlier this year, we are excited to announce that our Sentieo and Microsoft Teams integration is now available.

The Microsoft Office Suite is the solution of choice for many Sentieo customers across the globe. The suite includes Microsoft Teams to facilitate communication and collaboration across teams. Although the adoption of these tools should make collaboration easier and should lead to improved productivity and efficiency, sometimes users have to context switch too much to use their combination of tools effectively.

In order to reduce the friction while discussing your Sentieo research and content on Teams, we have rolled out our Teams integration. Once enabled, this integration allows users to search, post, and discuss their Sentieo content, all of this without leaving Teams. It also allows our users to post content directly to Teams when they are working in Sentieo without leaving Sentieo.

Find and share Sentieo notes and documents in Teams

You can now include your notes in your conversations effortlessly without having to switch platforms. In any conversation, search for your content on the Teams app provided by Sentieo and select what you want to share. When a note or document is posted to Teams, the title, note/document metadata, and a preview of the content will be displayed.

Sentieo all documents tab
Nasdaq integration example

Send notes and documents to Teams from Sentieo

You can also share your notes and documents in Teams directly from Sentieo by simply clicking on the Send to Teams option in any note or document and specifying the DM or channel along with an optional message. It will immediately be posted in the selected conversation.

integration example
integration example

What’s Next?

We plan to integrate more actions in our app on Teams, including the ability to create a note from a message in Teams, create an independent note in Teams, and to reply on a note or document posted in Teams to add it as a comment in Sentieo.

We are excited to share this development with you. Start using the integration today to streamline your team’s information sharing. Find out how in the Sentieo Support Center here, or contact us for a free trial.