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Saving time and improving productivity with AI

As many COOs and Directors of Research evaluate research workflows and technology in the wake of COVID-19, many tools, generating ROI on technology spend becomes paramount. For most funds, Research Management Systems (RMS) are at the top of this list.

In our recently released guide, “5 Ways to Generate ROI from a Modern RMS” we cover five ways Return on Investment (ROI) can be generated from a Modern RMS, helping your fund not just survive, but thrive, in the current global business environment. On Wednesday we covered how to use a unified platform to deliver better research results.  In today’s post, we’ll cover how to leverage AI-driven analysis tools to save time, and improve productivity.

Analysts waste a significant amount of time reviewing transcripts, finding and extracting data from SEC filings to build KPI models, and visualizing and analyzing non-standard datasets. Conducting these tasks using discrete tools outside of the RMS, for example different vendors for document search and data visualization, prevent analysts from being as productive as possible and leadership from getting the best results out of an expensive group of people.

By integrating AI-driven tools (e.g., Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, Deep Learning) directly into the research workflow, a modern RMS eliminates context-switching and significantly reduces the time analysts take to find the uncharted insights that drive winning investment decisions:


Advanced search technology across millions of internal and external document sources, combined with automated document redlining for comparison over time, surfaces the most relevant information fast.


Categorization and sentiment analysis of earnings call transcript sentences over time for a single company and across a set of peers or sectors eliminates time wasted reading and marking up every transcript.


Automated extraction of multiple years of KPI data not available in structured data providers directly from SEC filing documents enables the creation of KPI models in a matter of minutes instead of hours of copying and pasting data.


Data visualization and analysis in a few clicks using datasets from within the unified platform and pulled from outside expedites model building and helps discover signals, trends, and uncharted insights.


Customizable Dashboards aggregate data from within the platform and from 3rd party sites to create a centralized view of the information that is relevant to a wide range of workflows, ensuring that insights and information that could inform an investment decision are not overlooked.

If you’d like to learn more, you can download the full guide here. Stay tuned in the coming weeks for more highlights. Or if you’d like to start generating ROI from your RMS contact us to start your free trial.