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Research Steps for Evaluating Strategic Projects

In the evaluation of a new strategic project, companies must perform a variety of initial due diligence depending on the type of opportunity: are we making an acquisition, co-selling, developing joint technology, or something else? Depending on the opportunity at hand, the initial evaluation may require insights on a technology, business, competitive landscape, or macroeconomic trend to understand the full market opportunity.

I’ve been tracking ways that strategy teams use the Sentieo platform to quickly gain insights on a new market, understand the competitive dynamics, and evaluate a partner in order to better quantify strategic opportunities at hand. Here’s one example:

Thematic and Industry-Focused Research

When entering a new market, it is critical to understand who operates in the market and find the most relevant information to generate a market landscape. Sentieo has a database of millions of documents across enterprise-level content sets like earnings call transcripts, broker research, and SEC filings to help surface that information instantly.

In the video below, we show how to search across the entire Sentieo database for 5G to immediately surface companies that operate in the 5G space (telcos, tech companies, etc.), along with the most content-rich documents on 5G from the last 2 years:

This open-ended search can be used for technologies, products, themes, or even macroeconomic events.

In the example below, we search for “coronavirus impact” and narrow down to the semiconductor sector to see which companies are disclosing the immediate impact on their business. Our natural language processing  (NLP) technology is at play here with results ranging from “impact of coronavirus” to “COVID-19 impacts”, picking up every iteration of the topic:

We can then highlight any relevant information and consolidate that saved data into a single research note:

As seen in this last video, Sentieo has a variety of capabilities that allow teams to consolidate research findings and collaborate, helping reduce duplicative research and keep everyone on the same page.

Access more research steps in our new Strategic Project Research Center. You’ll learn how to use Sentieo to research competitive dynamics and individual companies, as well as more advanced research steps from our Head of Research, Nick Mazing: Royalty Rate Negotiations, Material Disclosure Changes, Trend Identification, and more.