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Today’s teams need the financial information and internal research analysts care about aggregated in one place to give them a clear, complete view of their investment opportunities. Sentieo’s pricing model is designed to allow you to put the power of financial intelligence in the hands of every analyst on your team.

Pricing is typically based on:

  • The number of users of Sentieo
  • Whether users require equity and market data
  • Enterprise deployment requirements

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“I like the Sentieo user interface so much better than those of other vendors. It’s easier to navigate an actual document if it's in Sentieo, rather than in AlphaSense or Bloomberg. I have multiple documents, news articles, and datasets that I may be looking at throughout the day, and Sentieo makes that easier to manage.”

Jonathan Buba


“In the EDT, I can quickly understand the nuts and bolts of a company. I have greater confidence doing my research in Sentieo because I trust the data more than I trust the numbers in other systems.”

Will Frazier