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Sentieo has become an integral part of my daily workflow. I can't imagine navigating a trading day without loading up Sentieo.

Dennis H.Founder at Shawspring Capital

After playing around with Sentieo for a week, I haven‘t looked back. Frankly, I don‘t think I‘ll ever go back to using Bloomberg or Capital IQ. Sentieo is just a better product.

PMMulti Bn Fund

I'm particularly impressed with Sentieo's new AI tools available for transcript sentiments analysis, and I also like to look at Sentieo's social media metrics.

Bruce Kaufman, Managing PartnerBDKMarketGroup Investment Management

Intelligent Document Search

Quickly search through millions of SEC filings, transcripts, and presentations to find crucial information on any ticker. Just enter a ticker and keyword, and retrieve all mentions of key information in just a couple of seconds.

Sentieo Highlighting

Highlight, annotate, collaborate

Sentieo Table Export

Export tables directly to excel

Sentieo Linguistic Algorithms

Powerful linguistic search algorithms help you find exactly what you are looking for

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Your Financial Data Terminal – Reimagined

Sentieo offers a modern take on terminal services, with a sleek design that facilitates easy consumption of financial models, statements, charts and more.

Sentieo Data Sources

Deep Investment grade data & Analyst estimates – Sourced from Thomson I/B/E/S

Sentieo Financial Models

Editable Financial models

Sentieo Ticker Count

6000+ Equities Covered

Sentieo Realtime Data

Realtime pricing data

Mobile Apps– Sentieo To Go

Sentieo's power is always with you, right in your pocket. The suite of mobile apps allow for an intuitive and fast way to access relevant information and collaborate with other Sentieo users.

Sentieo Mobile

Data you can trust

  • Through our partnership with Thomson Reuters, Sentieo users have access to a gold standard industry database
  • Covers over 6000 US Equities (Global coming summer 2016)
  • Deep Investment grade data & Analyst estimates – sourced from Thomson I/B/E/S
  • Reuters Fundamentals – primary financial statements, footnote items, segment data, industry-specific operating metrics, financial ratios and much more.
  • Real time pricing data from BATS
Sentieo Equity Data Sources

Excel Plugin

Sentieo’s Excel plugin gives you access to all of our datasets in excel. You can even send document tables directly to your excel spreadsheet without having to download any CSVs. This is the fastest way to get data into Excel.

Sentieo Excel Plugin
Sentieo Alering

Powerful Alerting Engine

Get real-time alerts on the platform, in your inbox, or on your phone via push notifications

Highly customizable: Setup document alerts, price movement alerts

Share any document, note or highlight with colleagues in a single click

News Stream

With Sentieo’s Stream feature, users can extract key information from social media, news and company documents. They can also track market data and multiples. Key features include:

  • Ability to look at a single company, or a set of companies by industry/groups
  • Users can upload and edit their own watchlists; Sentieo automatically creates a watchlist for recently viewed tickers
  • Search for keywords within a watchlist to narrow your search to a particular basket of stocks
Sentieo News Stream

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Sentieo is perfect for today's analyst.