Generate More Winning Strategies with Centralized Notes and Collaboration

Analysts can easily miss insights when their time is wasted recreating research or searching for information in email inboxes, shared drives, and consumer-grade note-taking apps.

Sentieo’s integrated Notebook provides a central, consistent environment for creating, organizing, and collaborating on research notes to support investment theses and corporate strategies.

Save Time

Capture and Organize Research Material

Sentieo’s integrated platform helps streamline workflows, eliminating the need for multiple tools and steps to conduct financial and corporate research.

  • Highlight, annotate, and tag your research to send it into your centralized Notebook
  • Easily pull highlights into private or team notes
  • Integrate research uploaded/synced from other sources
  • Link highlights back to source documents
  • Create, manage, and view notes with Sentieo mobile and tablet apps


Support Your Existing Workflows & Content

  • Get two-way sync with popular note-taking apps like Evernote, Box, and Dropbox
  • Upload existing content and notes
  • Save emails and Microsoft Office documents in your Notebook—manually or automatically


Templates Customizable to Your Process

  • Add custom or pre-populated fields, to save time and standardize research note structure and inputs
  • Common templates cover theses, calls (earnings, sell-side, expert network), management meetings, competitive strategies


Eliminate Information Silos

  • Invite colleagues to view, comment on, and edit your notes
  • Stop emailing Word documents or spreadsheets back and forth

Stay Compliant

Sentieo’s Notebook simplifies data management, security, and compliance

  • Control who has access and edit privileges to research content
  • Maintain an audit trail of note changes and comments for compliance reports
  • Ensure that your intellectual property doesn’t walk out the door when a team member leaves

Customer Stories

“Sentieo allows me to stay more current and absorb more content more effectively. If my colleague has read something that I haven’t had the time to read, it’s incredible to be able to review their highlights and extract key points. I can always go back to read notes and add to the annotations.”

Jason Gilbert

RGA Investment Advisors

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