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Drive Better Returns with an Integrated Research Management System

Investment management organizations are under increasing pressure to improve productivity and returns from the research process while staying compliant. Disparate workflows with multiple tools and steps across individual analysts and teams lead to wasted time, missed insights, unrealized returns, and lost confidence in theses and decisions. Plus intellectual property (IP) can walk out the door when an analyst leaves the firm.

Sentieo’s Research Management System (RMS) helps analysts save time and make more winning investment decisions—driving faster adoption and use—while the standardization of a repeatable and transparent investment research process delivers better fund-wide returns, protection of IP, and compliance.

Save Analysts Time

Integrated Notebook and Document Search

Sentieo streamlines and standardizes workflows and significantly reduces the number of steps analysts take to create and save their research.

  • Integrated document search powered by Natural Language Processing: smart synonyms, relevance scoring, sentiment analysis, redlining, trending terms
  • Automated alerts help get to the most relevant documents and data fast
  • Integrated notebook for note taking, collaborating, and content storing
  • Integrates with Microsoft Office applications and note-taking apps like Evernote

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Save Deployment Time

Simplified Content and Workflow Integration

  • Add, tag, and index your existing content and broker research via API, plugins, upload, or syncing with third-party tools
  • Millions of tagged public and private company documents available within the platform on launch
  • Support for different workflows, fields, templates, and dashboards
  • Access control for specific groups and roles can quickly be configured to meet your fund’s unique business processes

Winning Insights

Integrated Data Modeling and Analysis

Sentieo RMS includes integrated data visualization, analysis, and modeling tools that help analysts uncover, share, and store uncharted insights to drive winning investment decisions.

  • Plotter, a data visualization tool that makes it easy to use multiple data sources to identify company and sector-level insights
  • Smart Summary to standardize the review of earnings call transcripts
  • Table Explorer to identify, connect, audit, and visualize data and KPIs from company filings
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Improve Confidence

Centralized Research Platform

Sentieo standardizes, captures, and controls all of the intellectual property (IP) that is produced during the research process, restoring confidence in decisions and the ongoing protection of IP.

  • Analysts use one platform to surface insights, draft structured theses and notes, collaborate with colleagues
  • Documents, versions, and comment threads are secured in a single, auditable research process

Stay Compliant

Single Source of Truth

With all of the material and steps that support an investment decision stored in a centralized repository, Sentieo facilitates the swift preparation of regulatory audit reports.

Customer Stories

“Our team is dedicated to building and protecting our clients’ assets — we don’t have time to waste on anything that detracts from that mission, especially inefficient research processes. Sentieo research workflows just work, streamlining document management and collaboration so our team can concentrate on what’s most important: our clients.”

Chris Taylor

Head of Equities Management

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