Financial Data Terminal

Make Better Decisions with a Modern Equity Data Terminal

Analyzing financial data is an integral part of the analyst workflow. Material insights can easily be missed as well as significant time wasted when you use multiple tools and steps to conduct your fundamental research, build models, and draft investment theses and recommendations.

By streamlining the process of deep analysis and model-building, the Sentieo Equity Data Terminal (EDT) saves analysts significant amounts of time while surfacing uncharted insights that can drive better investment decisions and returns.

Save Time

Desktop, Web, and Mobile App Access

Consolidated desktop, web, and mobile app access to financial data eliminates the need to context-switch between different tools and sites:

  • Historical financial data from Refinitiv Reuters Fundamentals
  • Forecast data from Refinitiv I/B/E/S Estimates
  • Stock pricing, charts, and public and private comparables
  • Filings, transcripts, and news
  • Shareholders and M&A data
  • Profiles on over 980,000 private companies from Crunchbase
  • Tools to track Most Active Stocks (MOST) and World Equity Indices (WEI)
  • Relative Performance Analysis
  • Centralized Earnings Portal


Discover Uncharted Insights with Integrated Modeling Tools

Use Sentieo EDT features to uncover new insights that drive winning investment decisions, including scenario analysis, valuation and price target analysis, and multiple, editable financial models:

  • Sentieo Model
  • Consensus Model (Refinitiv)
  • Standardized (Refinitiv)
  • As Reported (Refinitiv)
  • As Reported (SEC/XBRL)


Seamless Integrations Throughout the Sentieo Platform

You can move seamlessly between the data and tools in the Sentieo EDT to other powerful features of the Sentieo research platform:

  • Screener to identify targets
  • Plotter for data visualization and analysis
  • Notebook for thesis development and collaboration
  • Document Search for review of source documents
  • Excel Plugin for model building


Better Confidence in Your Decisions

Sentieo includes a number of ways to audit formulas and the source of the data to improve your confidence in the numbers–and your decisions:

  • Pop-ups for every number of our financial models
  • Ratios show how the formula was calculated
  • Detailed filing information shows how the Standardized and As Reported models were produced
  • See the history of estimates in the Consensus model

Customer Stories

“In the EDT, I can quickly understand the nuts and bolts of a company. I have greater confidence doing my research in Sentieo because I trust the data more than I trust the numbers in other systems.”

Will Frazier


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On-Demand Webinar: Standardized Equity Data at Lower Cost and Better Usability: Sentieo’s Equity Data Terminal

Join us as we explore how to prepare for your Q3 portfolio update and end the financial tyranny of the Bloomberg terminal for market and equity research data.

Case Study

Hodges Capital Replaces Multiple Tools and Steps with the Sentieo Research Platform

Hodges Capital chose the Sentieo Financial and Corporate Research Platform to consolidate all research functions into a single integrated solution with smart search capabilities, robust note-taking and collaboration, one login, and accessibility of all research workflow functionality from any location.

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