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Extract and Visualize As-Reported Data with Table Explorer for Model Builders

Sentieo gives analysts the tools to make better decisions faster.

Our Table Explorer creates an Excel-style visualization directly from company filings within a dual-pane window, showing both the Excel data and its source document side by side, and allowing an immediate audit of every number.

We also integrated Table Explorer with our Plotter charting tool to further facilitate regression analysis of fundamental metrics like revenue with other datasets such as exogenous macroeconomic data or website traffic.

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Visualize Both Financial and Non-Financial Metrics

Sentieo’s Plotter charting tool creates a snapshot of multiple datasets for quick visual analysis.

In seconds, you can:

  • Plot financial and non-financial data (such as web traffic, sentiment, document search counts, and FRED macro series)

  • Create statistical overlays such as means, moving averages, standard deviations and correlations

  • Create relationships between series, such as market-cap weighted P/Es

  • Upload your own datasets, or download any dataset

  • Save and add charts to a note or to a formatted thesis write-up

  • Share charts across your team

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