Sentieo Expands Financial and Corporate Insights with Third Bridge Research

Global research platform provider adds Third Bridge research reports to platform

SAN FRANCISCO – June 2, 2020 – Sentieo, the leading, next-generation financial and corporate research platform provider, today announced that joint clients are now able to access Third Bridge research reports directly within Sentieo.

By making Third Bridge research reports available in Sentieo, joint clients benefit from access to this content as part of the complete fundamental research workflow. This integration combines Third Bridge’s human insights with Sentieo’s AI-driven research tools to empower customers to make investment decisions with confidence.

“Third Bridge provides investment-critical insights for investors across the globe,” said Mark Coriaty, Chief Revenue Officer, Sentieo. “We’re thrilled to enable joint customers to access these insights from the Sentieo platform they’re already using every day, providing them with uncharted insights that drive investment decisions.”

“We are excited to be able to deliver our research and content through Sentieo,” said James Cantarella, Head of Forum Distribution, Third Bridge. “We are constantly seeking ways to improve how our customers access our research and content. Adding our reports to the Sentieo platform enables them to gain even more value by putting it in the context of all the other data and content required as part of their research workflow.”

Over 10,000 Third Bridge research reports are now available to access on the Sentieo platform. Sentieo customers should contact their Customer Success Manager to discuss access to research.

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About Sentieo

Sentieo is a financial and corporate research platform for executives, investment analysts, and researchers that offers them the insights, speed, and confidence they need to make informed strategic decisions so they can outperform the market and gain a competitive edge. Serving a global customer base of over 900, including 600 institutional investment firms and Fortune 500 corporations, Sentieo is the first platform to support the complete financial and corporate workflow. To learn more about Sentieo, visit

About Third Bridge

Third Bridge is a primary research business that extracts and organizes the world’s knowledge for investors and business leaders.  Our clients want to make the right investment decisions so we provide access to critical knowledge via the most relevant experts and a global library of expert interviews. Third Bridge uses a proprietary research methodology to identify and interpret the context, causality, and connection in data or events.  Third Bridge’s clients are predominantly private equity firms, credit investors, hedge funds, and strategy consultants. To learn more about Third Bridge, visit