More Productivity “At A Glance” with Sentieo’s Redesigned Dashboard

Sentieo’s customizable Dashboards got streamlined and sped-up in the v4.0 release this week. This very flexible part of the product lets you do many things “at a glance”: monitor your team’s research activities, follow industry-specific docs and saved searches, watch financial metrics (prices, performance, reported and estimated financials, alt data, and more), visualize data, and more. Best of all, you can save multiple Dashboard formats if you wear multiple hats, or if you follow very different industries. 

In this videos-heavy blog post, we will cover several of these use cases. In the last video, we will go over the building of a dashboard from scratch. 

Sentieo’s Dashboard is based on customizable widgets that pull and visualize data and documents from across the platform. The extensive collection of widgets include price monitor (“all” things financial, similar to the fields in our Screener), documents (filings, transcripts, broker research, and more), internal notes and theses, charts through our data viz tool Plotter, valuation tables, and more. These widgets display either information either for a single ticker, or for watchlists. Confusing? Watch the short videos below, and it will all make sense. 

Using Dashboard for Documents and Notes

If you are using Sentieo primarily for Documents and News we recommend using the following widgets:

  • All Documents
  • Research Reports (if you have broker entitlements)
  • Saved Search
  • LexisNexis Articles
  • Notes
  • Document Highlights

Using Dashboard for Research Management and Collaboration

If you are using Sentieo primarily for research management, note taking, and collaboration, we recommend using the following widgets:

  • Price Monitor with Thesis Fields
  • All Documents
  • Notes
  • Company Thesis
  • Recent Activity
  • Document Highlights


Using Dashboard as a Customized Financial Data Terminal

If you are using Sentieo primarily as a financial data terminal we recommend using the following widgets:

  • Price Monitor
  • All Documents
  • LexisNexis Articles
  • Tweets
  • Stock Price Graph
  • Intraday Price Graph
  • Plotter Templates
    • Use “Plotter” for any static charts that you build (e.g. Macro or Market Performance)
    • Use “Plotter Templates” for any charts you charts that you want to instantly replicate for different tickers
      • Try this with the Sentieo Templates or simply create your own
      • Select from some of our pre-built plotter templates. Add Widget -> Graphs -> P/E Relative to SPX for example


Building Your Dashboard (step-by-step)

In this final video, we go over how to build a dashboard from scratch. We discuss, add and customize several different types of widgets, geared towards a retail company watchlist. 


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