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Monitoring ESG Controversies in a Sentieo Dashboard

The increased profile of ESG investing has also led to an increased attention to the need for monitoring potential ESG controversies by investors, regulators, and stakeholders at large. Sentieo has taken a broad approach to empowering client ESG research teams, including:

ESG data generated from the Sentieo platform has been quoted extensively in the media, including: 

In our latest Dashboard release, we have focused on ESG controversy monitoring, harnessing the extensive news sources integration, combined with Sentieo’s award-winning AI search, to bring clients a single dashboard that monitors twenty-one different ESG controversies, including:

  • Embargoes and sanctions
  • Incidents, fires and spills
  • Corruption and bribery 
  • Monetary fines and settlements
  • Tax fraud and tax evasion 
  • Product recalls 
  • Collusion and antitrust issues 
  • Deforestation and soil erosion 
  • Animal testing
  • Privacy violations 
  • And much more, including both established and emerging ESG controversies  

The ESG Controversy Monitoring Dashboard is ready and available for all Sentieo clients and trial users who have the premium news package on the platform. In the three-minute video above, we go over the Dashboard itself, as well as how users can further customize it for their specific needs in seconds.