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Monitor the Market and Individual Stocks with MOST and WEI in Sentieo V4.4

Our latest release, Sentieo V4.4, delivers another big boost to our market data coverage and many reasons to keep more of your terminal activity in Sentieo.

Our two new tools, Most Active Stocks and World Equity Indices, help you monitor the market and individual stocks, analyze intraday price changes top-down and bottom-up, and spot trends and abnormal market activity as it happens.

Most Active Stocks (MOST) is the perfect go-to tool to monitor the market activity of a watchlist. MOST lets you combine data from multiple sources (e.g., individual tickers, watchlists, and ETF holdings) into an aggregate view which you can then filter in useful ways, including price change, volume of trading at different time horizons, Average Value At Time (AVAT), and value traded.

Our new World Equity Indices (WEI) tool offers multiple predefined lists of indexes and ETFs, and helps you quickly build a broad and high-level view of major markets and sectors. Each list focuses on a specific region or gives insight into specific industries. You can also dive into the constituents or holdings of a specific index or ETF, and identify what sector or individual member is driving the ETF move for the day.

WEI includes graphs for the Normalized Total Return, and cumulative average traded volumes at different time horizons, as well as Z-score alerts to identify unusual volatility.

In addition to the MOST and WEI tools, we’re rolling out more European market data in Sentieo V4.4, including coverage of six major European exchanges and the Cboe family of 118 European indices.

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