Major Update: All Roads Now Lead To The Sentieo Mobile App

Download links: iPhone | iPad | Android

We are very excited to finally roll out minor updates for Android and major updates across our suite of iOS apps. Alongside enterprise-level security upgrades (please ask your sales representative if this is of interest) and highly requested Stream/Watchlist updates, we wanted to highlight three ways we have completely blown open access:

  1. Deeplink from Sentieo Edge to the app
  2. One-touch access from your Notification Center to the app
  3. Clip any articles or PDFs to Sentieo through the app

Sentieo Edge Deeplinks

Sentieo Edge is the daily pre-market and post-market news catchup email that users know and love. However, we noticed that the emails can get unwieldy for people who follow a lot of tickers or when people go on vacation. So we have also created the Sentieo Edge Digest with shortcuts to all alerts and a focus on the top 5 movers of the day. (You can choose to receive either or both on the System Alerts screen in the Settings page.) Now, you can click on anything within the Sentieo Edge and Edge Digest emails on your phone, and it will take you straight to the relevant page in your Sentieo mobile app!

Today Pulldown Widget

Get updates on your stocks from literally anywhere in your iPhone! We have taken advantage of the Notification Center in iOS8+ to allow one-touch access to Sentieo’s functionality no matter which app you are in. Enabling it is a little tricky though, so we thought a gif would help! #moregifs #justcantgetenough

Mobile Web Clipper

Sometimes, SEC filings, transcripts, presentations, sellside broker research, even your own notes just doesn’t cut it. There is a ton of insightful content by journalists and bloggers and we wanted to give you a way to bring external content into your search. We created the Chrome Web Clipper (only for Google Chrome). And you saw that it was good. So our mobile team said, “Why should desktop users have all the fun?”

Just like on Desktop, you can also mark up the article with $tickers and #tags, just click on the Saved! popup when you clip something.

To see how Sentieo can dramatically improve your productivity even outside the office, simply go to and sign up for a free trial. To download our apps, search “Sentieo” on the appstore or find our links here (only works on your mobile browser). If you would like to continually receive content related to topics of interest in the markets, don’t forget to subscribe to the Sentieo Blog so that we can notify you of new posts by e-mail.