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Gain an Informational Edge Through Adding RSS Feeds in Sentieo

Sentieo’s AI-driven Document Search solution is now available for RSS Feeds.

Whether you are looking to save time by consolidating all of your important content in one place or trying to identify unique insights by searching more specialized sources, RSS Feeds are a great way to customize and round out your Sentieo content.

Use Sentieo’s Search on the sources that drive your decisions

Even as we expand our Sources with each new release we know there is a lot of important content we still don’t cover.  While our recent focus has been around self-service incorporation of internal documents via upload and Evernote/OneNote/Box/Dropbox syncs, we have added RSS feeds to give users the ability to incorporate external sources used in your everyday workflow into the Sentieo platform.

When you add a feed to Sentieo we capture and index the entire publicly available article–not just the content present in the feed–so the full content is searchable.  You can also set up Saved Searches and Alerts for RSS feeds.

It’s easy to get started

RSS Feeds are easy to add to Sentieo.  Go to the Sources filter in Document Search, click Add, give the feed a name, and paste in the url.  Most feeds will be processed and available within one business day. 

For Sentieo users, we’ve created an FAQ that can be accessed in the Support Center here.

Example RSS Feeds from our staff

While finding and adding new feeds is up to our users (after all, you want a unique combination to maintain your edge), our staff has several recommendations to get you started.

General Financial News

WSJ Markets

CNBC Top News

Zero Hedge

Industry Publications

Restaurant Business


Workiva IR


SEC Public Statements


CBS Ideas at Work

Independent Research

Nathan Tankus/Fed