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Fresh from Sentieo Mad Science Labs: Introducing the Sentieo Alexa Skill

When we say we want you to have your financial information wherever you go, we weren’t kidding. Whether AR or VR, autonomous vehicles or drones wins the next platform race, we think voice interaction is the future of human-computer interaction. So the mad scientists at Sentieo Mad Science Labs have put together the most data-packed stocks skill available on the Amazon Echo and released it into the wild, completely free to you.

Madness, you say?

Note: for a more serious discussion of where we think voice interfaces will go in the near future, head over to our Technical Thoughts.

Alexa, open Sentieo

The Alexa Skill Store is inundated with bitcoin price checkers, which is reflective of the early adopter community, but we noticed that among the stock specific Skills there was a distinct lack of professional grade stock skills. For example, the most common criticism of a number of skills we surveyed was that the Skill required you to memorize the stock’s ticker! And -all- of them could only tell you the stock price and percent move of the day.

We refuse to dumb down for the casual investor, and instead focused on providing answers to real questions that serious investors ask of their analysts in real life.


Why limit yourself to just stock price? We provide over 20 info fields, including:

  • Valuation
    • P/E
    • EV/Sales
    • P/S
    • P/B
    • P/TB
    • Price
    • FCF Yield
  • Financials
    • Leverage
    • Sales
    • EBITDA
    • EV
    • ROA
    • ROE
    • EPS
    • DPS
  • Growth
    • Sales growth
    • EBITDA growth
    • EPS growth

Yes, it’s true. Your Amazon Echo now knows your stocks better than you do.

Here’s what we mean by professional grade – you can ask for information right down to fiscal year.

“Alexa, ask Sentieo what is the FY 2016 earnings growth of Tesla?” Boom.

Can’t remember them all? “Alexa, ask Sentieo to tell me valid fields.”

Peer Group

“Alexa, ask Sentieo, who are the peers for AAPL?”

Try it.

Trading Range

We can’t very well visualize the price chart of a stock given a voice interface… or can we?

“Alexa, ask Sentieo, tell me the trading range of Disney.”

It’s too much to handle!

We have hidden a couple of easter eggs. Sentieo Mad Science Lab Coats for anyone who finds them!