ESG Research in Sentieo: Surface insights, prove trends, extract and visualize data—all in seconds

ESG investment research is an increasingly popular topic for our clients. Our powerful platform can surface insights, prove trends, extract and visualize data, all in seconds. But don’t take our word for it: check out the work of some of our friends and users, like the non-profit Just Capital

With Sentieo, ESG analysts can surface insights faster and in a more comprehensive way than ever before. For example, below we are using a combination search of press releases only, with synonyms/acronyms (GHG picks up CO2 emissions) and a number type search for weight values. 

Every search can be an email alert (instant/daily/weekly): this automates your workflow and helps you monitor more topics as they develop. In the example below, we had a saved search alert for mentions of plastics in Form PX14, a commonly used SEC form by shareholder interest groups regarding ESG proposals. 

Sentieo’s Smart Summary, our Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing transcript analysis, identifies and scores ESG and many subtopics, shortening the analysts’ time to insight. 

Governance-related searches are also a breeze: using our in: proxy shortcut, we can locate relevant information in a second. For example, here we have identified the CEO to median employee pay ratio disclosure for Dunkin’ Brands. 

Sentieo’s Document Search statistics can be combined with other financial and non-financial data sets to paint a fuller picture. Below we have combined the monthly document counts for 10-Ks with Risk Factors that mention “climate change” versus search interest for the topic. (Interactive chart viewer

A unified dashboard view lets users monitor documents, financial metrics, saved searches, team highlights, visualizations, and more. 

Built-in collaboration tools like in-document highlighting, note sharing, document uploads, search, and more enable teams to achieve more, in shorter time.

If you would like to get a custom demo of the platform, please get in touch with us.