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Earnings Season Tips

Earnings season is coming up! To help you save time we made a series of short videos highlighting a number of NLP (Natural Language Processing) and AI features that will get you through this season with ease.

1. Call audio with controls like 2x, fast forward, and more

2. NLP word clouds: See the major topics at a glance

3. NLP transcript heatmaps: See sentiment and snippets by topic

4. NLP trending topics: See accelerating topics by company and by sector, and click to read these specific segments

5. Transcript sentiment toggle: See positive and negative sentences as you read

6. Transcript navigation by topic: Focus on important issues regardless of where they are on the call

7. Manage the transcripts “firehose”: See all transcripts coming in, or filter by region, market cap, sector, and more

8. Earnings Calendar widget shows a monthly view of upcoming reporting dates

9. For in-depth earnings prep, our ‘Earnings Portal’ is great to see estimated trends, prior reactions, and a lot more

To learn more about how we performed our analysis and created the charts in Sentieo, watch our basic and advanced data visualization webinars and read this data visualization guide. You can also check out our full video library.