What Makes Sentieo Special

Integrated Research Management and Collaboration

Effortlessly organize your research process by saving document highlights/annotation, notes, charts, tables, and other key information to your Sentieo Notebook. No setup required!

Sentieo Collaborative Notes

Share notes and other information with colleagues to encourage organized collaboration.

Sentieo Desktop and Mobile

Available across your desktop and mobile devices

Sentieo SyncSentieo OneNote

Syncs with Evernote and OneNote

Sentieo Notes

A Visualization Engine Built For Analysts

Use Plotter Templates to repeat the visualization process for any ticker in under ten seconds – collecting and analyzing data has never been this easy!

Sentieo Visualization
Sentieo Equity Data Terminal

Your Financial Data Terminal – Reimagined

Sentieo offers a modern take on terminal services, with a sleek design that facilitates easy consumption of financial models, statements, charts and more.

Sentieo Data Sources

Deep Investment grade data & Analyst estimates – Sourced from Thomson I/B/E/S

Sentieo Financial Models

Editable Financial models

Sentieo Ticker Count

70,000+ Global Equities Covered

Sentieo Realtime Data

Realtime pricing data

Data Sources

Drive your investment process with our extensive fundamentals, estimates, and pricing datasets

Sentieo Data Sources

Financial data - Investment grade

Thomson Reuters
  • I/B/E/S Analyst Estimates - Thomson Reuters
  • Fundamentals data - Thomson Reuters
  • Realtime Pricing - BATS
Sentieo Document Data

Document data - a comprehensive and up to date database of financial documents from around the globe

  • SEC Filings
  • Global Filings
  • Transcripts - Thomson Reuters First Call
  • Company Presentations
  • Press Releases - Businesswire, PRNewswire, Marketwire
Sentieo Web Data

Web, Mobile App, Social Media data and more

AlexaGoogle PlayTwitterApple App Store

Mobile Apps– Sentieo To Go

Sentieo's power is always with you, right in your pocket. The suite of mobile apps allow for an intuitive and fast way to access relevant information and collaborate with other Sentieo users.

Sentieo Mobile Apps

And so much more...


News Stream

Excel Plugin

Stock Screener

Table Extractor

And even more...

Who Uses Sentieo?

Investment Management

Hedge Funds, Mutual Funds, and Family Offices: Use our intuitive platform to evaluate investment opportunities from idea generation to thesis.

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Strategy, M&A, and Corporate Development: Gain a complete understanding of the competitive landscape and the financial performance of peers in your industry.

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Wealth Management

Quickly analyze investment opportunities in your clients' portfolios. Stay ahead of market-moving news.

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Sell Side and Investment Banking

Track all the latest news and trends on your coverage list, utilizing powerful tools to help you build or adjust your models more efficiently.

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PE and VC

Keep up to date with relevant market information and industry trends impacting your portfolio companies, and use our public screening tool to help find investment opportunities.

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Search a massive global external database of documents along with your internal primary research — all in a cloud-based and collaborative interface.

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