"Sentieo is this generation's Bloomberg, just better."- Analyst @ Multi Bn Fund

Built for Institutional Investors, accessible to Individual Investors. Sentieo is a research platform built for the modern investor.

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Sentieo is perfect for today's analyst.

Trusted by over 600 Hedge Funds, Mutual Funds, Investment Banks, Equity Research Departments, RIAs/Wealth Managers, Private Equity Firms, Family Offices, Consultancies and Individual Investors.

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Trusted by Thousands of Finance, Legal, Corporate and Consulting Professionals.

Sentieo has become an integral part of my daily workflow. I can't imagine navigating a trading day without loading up Sentieo.

Dennis H.Founder at Shawspring Capital

After playing around with Sentieo for a week, I haven‘t looked back. Frankly, I don‘t think I‘ll ever go back to using Bloomberg or Capital IQ. Sentieo is just a better product.

PMMulti Bn Fund

It's clean, efficient, fast and has all the data I need as a fundamental research analyst. I can't wait to see what other functionality and tools the Sentieo team adds over time.

Analyst$100MM Fund

What Makes Sentieo Special

Alternative Data at Your Fingertips

Sentieo is the only platform that makes working with Alternative Data a breeze. Easily combine alternative, financial, and market data for thousands of tickers to help you generate an edge.

Sentieo MosaicSentieo MosaicSentieo Mosaic
Sentieo Equity Data Terminal

Your Financial Data Terminal– Reimagined

Sentieo offers a modern take on terminal services, with a sleek design that facilitates easy consumption of financial models, statements, charts and more.

Sentieo Data Sources

Deep Investment grade data & Analyst estimates– Sourced from Thomson I/B/E/S

Sentieo Financial Models

Editable Financial models

Sentieo Ticker Count

70,000+ Global Equities Covered

Sentieo Realtime Data

Realtime pricing data

Integrated Research Management and Collaboration

Effortlessly organize your research process by saving document highlights/annotations, notes, charts, tables, and other key information to your Sentieo Notebook. No setup required!

Sentieo Collaborative Notes

Share notes and other information with colleagues to encourage organized collaboration.

Sentieo Desktop and Mobile

Available across your desktop and mobile devices

Sentieo SyncSentieo OneNote

Syncs with Evernote and OneNote

Sentieo Notes

Data Sources

Drive your investment process with our extensive fundamentals, estimates, and pricing datasets

Sentieo Financial Data

Financial data - Investment grade

Sentieo Thomson Reuters
  • I/B/E/S Analyst Estimates - Thomson Reuters
  • Fundamentals data - Thomson Reuters
  • Realtime Pricing - BATS
Sentieo Document Data

Document data - a comprehensive and up to date database of financial documents from around the globe

  • SEC Filings
  • Global Filings
  • Transcripts - Thomson Reuters First Call
  • Company Presentations
  • Press Releases - Businesswire, PRNewswire, Marketwire
Sentieo Web Data

Web, Mobile App, Social Media data and more

AlexaGoogle PlayTwitterApple App Store

Mobile Apps– Sentieo To Go

Sentieo's power is always with you, right in your pocket. The suite of mobile apps allow for an intuitive and fast way to access relevant information and collaborate with other Sentieo users.

Sentieo Mobile

And so much more...


News Stream

Excel Plugin

Stock Screener

Table Extractor

And even more...

Who is Sentieo for?

Investment Management
Equity Research
Wealth Management
Investment Banking
Private Equity

Hedge Funds, Mutual Funds, and Family Offices

Use our intuitive platform to quickly find the most important data and filings to better understand the competitive landscape.

  • Our document search technology uses powerful linguistic search algorithms to instantly find exactly what you are looking for.
  • The Sentieo Research Notebook offers light touch research management to allow analysts to organize and develop their ideas while allowing Portfolio Managers to monitor and influence the ongoing research process.
  • Mobile apps ensure that Analysts and Portfolio Managers have seamless access to all financial documents and notebook data on the go and even in offline environments.
  • Plot our document search data with social/web statistics and financial data using our visualization engine, Mosaic, to help you identify and analyze any trends that may exist.

Equity Research

Track all the latest news and trends on your coverage list, utilizing powerful tools to help you build or adjust your models more efficiently.

  • All charts and tables across the platform and within SEC filings are exportable to Excel, where you can also create customized models with our Excel plug-in.
  • Create 5-10 years of quarterly historical data from any table within an SEC filing with a few clicks using our proprietary table extracting technology.
  • Powerful sharing and workgroup features ensure your team is always aware of your latest thinking and work. Sentieo Notebook automatically gathers all of your highlights, notes, and annotations for easy search, recall, and sharing of content.

Wealth Management

Use our intuitive platform to quickly find the most important data and filings to better understand the competitive landscape.

  • Manage your market data subscription costs by leveraging our extensive platform to keep up with breaking news, dig deep into financial data for idea generation, and workflow management.
  • Sentieo features easy-to-use tools to analyze a company, sourcing data and news from Reuters Fundamentals, I/B/E/S, SEC XBRL statements, press releases, sell-side research, blogs and social media.
  • Sentieo workflow and sharing features allow seamless highlighting, annotation, and collaboration so you can ensure that your clients are always informed of your latest thoughts.

Investment Banking

Monitor news, trading multiples and charts to understand key developments impacting business opportunities and companies that you care about.

  • Analysts cranking out models will appreciate our Excel plug-in for customized model creation and the elimination of redundant data entry.
  • Simple 1-click export of charts and tables across the platform, including time saving features such as populating historical data from any table within an SEC filing using our proprietary table extracting technology.
  • Default features such earnings estimates graphs take the pain out of the chart creation process.

Private Equity

Keep up to date with relevant market information and industry trends impacting your portfolio companies and use our public screening tool to help value your portfolio companies.

  • Leverage our public screener tool to focus on the companies you care about, review their financials, and create customizable comp tables.
  • Analyze industry trends with our document search features to see how they may apply to your portfolio or target company.
  • Keep a pulse on the market by following searches to get alerts on any new content from the companies you care about.

Corporations: Investor relations, Strategy, and Corporate Development

Have a complete understanding of the competitive landscape and financial performance of peers in your industry.

  • Use our customizable comparable analysis table to compare a target company to its peers.
  • Use our open ended search ability to find out which companies are talking about the topics you care about.
  • Get press releases delivered straight to your mobile device, desktop, and email inbox. Our alert system can provide notifications whenever there are new SEC filings or major price movements in stocks you follow.
  • Stay on top of the latest market chatter with our curated articles and the most relevant Tweets from finance Twitter.

Looking for a true alternative to the Bloomberg Terminal?

We know it's hard to believe that there is a true alternative to the Bloomberg Terminal or other legacy providers (especially one that is priced to be accessible). Many others have made this claim and fallen short in our opinion. Sentieo was built from the ground up by hedge fund analysts to match and surpass functionality provided by the legacy providers. We have helped many of our clients turn off or reduce their reliance on expensive legacy platform. Still on the fence? Take Sentieo for a spin and we are confident that you will be impressed by the features and depth of the platform.

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Sentieo is perfect for today's analyst.