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SEC Document Search Engine

Search through a global database of company filings, transcripts, presentations and more in a single click.

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Trusted by Thousands of Finance, Legal, Corporate and Consulting Professionals.

Financial Search Engine

In a single click, search for any text through our exhaustive database of global financial documents.

Search using our powerful Finance-NLP and Synonym library.

View text previews and jump to relevant passages across multiple documents.

Sources include: SEC Filings, Global Filings, Broker Research, Transcripts, Investor Presentations and more.

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Sentieo Document Search

Do magic with tables and say goodbye to data entry

Export tables to cleanly formatted Excel Files

View the same table from previous fillings. Pulling up 20 quarters of financials has never been this easy.

Start with any table in a 10-K or 10-Q, select the fields you are interested in and Sentieo will automatically create 5+ years of time series history for those fields

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Idea GenerationScreen and build Watchlists from your search results

Use our open-ended search capabilities to find all companies mentioning any keyword

Screen your results against our deep database of financials and alternative datasets

Find me all companies mentioning China Slowdown That are trading at below a 15x P/E and down more than 20% last year
Sentieo Idea Generation
Sentieo Document Search

Remember EverythingHighlight, Annotate, Collaborate

Highlight & annotate any passage or table to be automatically tagged and stored in your research notebook

Label passages with customizable labels for easy recall and organization

Share any document, note or highlight with colleagues in a single click

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Realtime Document Alerts Never miss another filing

Receive email and mobile push notifications for new filings on the companies you care about

Save any search and be notified when a new document matches your criteria

Sentieo Document Alerts

Bring Your Own Documents

Sentieo Email Documents

Email in any document or attachment to automatically add it into your document search database

Sentieo Web Clipper

Use our web clipper to grab any website or article and it's available in your research notebook and document search

Sentieo Sync

Sync with Evernote & OneNote to automatically add content from both platforms into your document search

Looking for an alternative to 10K Wizard?

Many of 10K Wizard's former clients have found a happy home with Sentieo. Our document datasets and features easily match and extend those provided by 10K Wizard. Take the platform for a spin - we promise you will be delighted with what you find.

Sentieo has become an integral part of my daily workflow. I can‘t imagine navigating a trading day without loading up Sentieo.

Dennis H.Founder @ Shawspring Capital

Sentieo is my go-to-source for company filings, consensus estimates, and corporate news releases.

Analyst@ $100MM Fund

Sentieo is this generation‘s Bloomberg, just better.

Analyst@ Multi Bn Fund

Sentieo has quickly become an irreplacable part of my investing process, and is now the first tool I use to diligence an idea. I can search past transcripts across companies and sectors, look up real-time trends, and even instantly access organized company data. Tasks that used to take hours, now take minutes, in and interface that is intuitive fast, and reliable.

PM@ Multi Bn Fund

Sentieo saved me this morning. The system sent an 8-K to my Gmail before I saw it on my work mail. I was able to be ready to go when I was running late at work.

Analyst@ $500MM Fund

It‘s clean, efficient, fast, and has all the data I need as a fundamental research analyst. I can‘t wait to see what other functionality and tools the Sentieo team adds over time.

PM@ $100MM Fund

I was skeptical at first. It had taken time to learn all the Bloomberg mnemonics and the functionality of Capital IQ. I didn‘t want to have to learn how to use yet another financial data product. But after playing around with Sentieo for a week, I haven‘t looked back. Frankly, I don‘t think I‘ll ever go back to using Bloomberg or Capital IQ. Sentieo is just a better product.

PM@ $100MM Fund

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