Social media is moving markets. Here’s how to stay informed via finance Twitter.

Finance Twitter (or FinTwit) refers to the community of Twitter users that talk about stocks.  The wonderful thing about finance Twitter is that it curates unique investment insights that would be difficult to find elsewhere.  It’s a great way to find out about original research from the blogosphere, such as John Hempton’s work on the functionality (or lack thereof) of Flotek’s iPad app.  Hempton’s blog post immediately caused $FTK stock to fall by more than a fifth, highlighting the growing ability of bloggers and activists to move markets.  If you want to stay on top of all market-moving information, you should start thinking about Twitter.

FinTwit is also a great source of news, analysis, and stock ideas.  Many Twitter accounts like @ActivistShorts and @ValueWalk will post news geared specifically towards equity analysts with a narrower focus than mainstream financial news outlets like CNBC. Portfolio managers, analysts and serious individual investors will post news updates and analysis on companies they follow.  Many analysts will post elevator pitches of their stock ideas, looking for feedback and criticism.  And it shouldn’t be surprising that many activist short sellers use Twitter to disseminate their campaigns, some of which spice up your stock quotes.

Here’s our guide on how to get started with Finance Twitter.  We’ve categorized the most popular FinTwit accounts to help you follow whatever it is that interests you the most.
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Greed is (Veblen) Good: How $COH used Instagram to elevate its brand and added +120bps margins

Coach is on a warpath toward reinventing itself as a modern American House of Luxury (just don’t say the letters LVMH to their face), slashing promotional levels though the summer and yet seeing “the strongest comp that we’ve seen in over three years” while every other retailer (see: L Brands) is tanking in brick and mortar. This pattern of higher prices and higher (adjusted for wholesale) sales is the classical definition of a Veblen Good and demonstrates that there is a true luxury brand message. In the modern investing paradigm, analysts need to watch the same datasets that operators and executives use to stay on top of how “soft” objectives like brand and strategy translate into “hard” numbers like comp and margin. Mosaic subscribers were able to catch the direction of this trend in our proprietary Sentieo Index.


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