Latest Trends in Cord Cutting

Consumers are dropping their cable TV subscriptions at higher rates as they spend more time online and switch to smaller packages like Netflix, Amazon and Hulu.  In this quick post, we will show you how to use Sentieo to analyze this trend and see who is most exposed.

Doing a basic search on “cord cutting” in our Document Search the first key takeaway is how much more companies are mentioning “cord cutting” in their filings and transcripts.  You can see below with the red bar chart, how the number of mentions has grown over the last year.

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Looking Forward To Friday? Avoid these Serial Friday Reporters that underperform over 40%

Looking over a relatively benign humpday, we wanted to take a look at companies who frequently file 8k’s after market close on a Friday. Using Sentieo’s powerful search engine, we were able to rapidly cull this data. Then pairing this with returns data from our Excel plugin, we backtested the extent to which consistent late-Friday reporters underperform the market. Trader’s intuition tells us that these aftermarket shenanigans are never good news, but does it hold up to the facts?

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