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Be Better Prepared for Earnings with Smart SummaryTM Updates in Sentieo V4.1

Our latest release continues to build on our transcript sentiment tool with Smart Summary™ enhancements to help you save time and get more insights–faster.  We’ve even added a Coronavirus category to help you zero in on what matters most this earnings season.

Updated Classification Framework

Our classification framework has been improved, including updates to our key category definitions and the introduction of subcategories. The new categories are: 

  • Business Drivers: Big picture business drivers and market conditions, both historical and forward
  • Guidance: Forward statements that specifically refer to guidance across financial metrics
  • COVID-19: Sentences referring to the pandemic
  • Corporate Actions: Historical and forward statements regarding corporate actions including M&A, synergies, restructuring, etc.
  • Economic: General economic conditions
  • Legal/Regulatory: References to litigation, legal risk, regulatory actions, etc…
  • ESG: Environmental, Social and Governance topics
  • Deflection: Overly positive or overly negative sentences, sentences with a description of a cognitive process (“I guess”), or which contain a reference to general knowledge, value creation (“shareholder value”), or deceptive terms like “not sure” – all based on academic research studies regarding deceptive or potentially misleading terminology in financial filings
  • General Topics: Specific topics of interest across the business landscape
  • Country/Region: Remarks specific to a geography or region
  • Positive/Negative: A probability-based classification of a sentence’s sentiment intensity

New Visual PDF Report 

Combining the popular features of our Linguistic Intelligence Report with the Smart Summary™ report we’ve added visualizations and context to save you even more time and provide additional insights this earnings season.

The Smart Summary™ report now includes a new one-page tear sheet, followed by the Top 5 sentences by category with links to the full text which is appended at the end for convenience.

The tear sheet Word Cloud and Top Terms sections let you quickly discover what topics are being discussed, while the Sentiment Chart and Categories Heatmap provide context around how sentiment has trended through time and impacted the share price.

If you are not already receiving Smart Summary™ emails for your universe, you can enable them by scheduling alerts for a single company or a group of companies in a saved watchlist.

Sentieo users can also get a Smart Summary™ PDF report when logged into Sentieo by going to the relevant transcript and clicking Download Smart Summary Report at the top of the Smart Summary™ panel.

Want to learn more about Smart Summary™? Check out these Sentieo blog posts, or contact us for a demo.