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Automated Ticker or Topic Surveillance is 3 Steps Away

Does your never ending ‘to-do list’ continue to grow? Have you ever wanted to stay up-to-date on an important topic but can’t find the time?

As a member of Sentieo’s customer success team, I hear this all the time from the analysts that use Sentieo. And I get excited to show them how to use Sentieo’s “save search” functionality to automate ticket or topic surveillance with just a few clicks, preserving valuable research hours so you can focus on deeper and wider coverage. 

Step 1: Define your Search and Run

Sentieo’s AI-powered search engine allows you to quickly search across thousands of documents within a variety of content sources customized to your preferences. You can even contextualize your search by adding ticker(s), watchlist(s) and/or keywords. Query operators enable additional precision and specificity for your search. 

document search feature

Step 2: Save your Search

Once you’re happy with the search criteria, save it and create alerts to automate surveillance. You can even customize the frequency, time of day, and method of how you want to receive your alerts.

saving your search
save search alert options

Step 3: Monitor Relevant Results

If you want to take your custom-search monitoring beyond automated surveillance alerts, you can add a “saved search” widget to your custom dashboard to stay up-to-date when new documents or mentions appear.

save search column box

If you need help automating your ticker or topic surveillance in Sentieo, reach out to us via email or the in-app chat feature.

If you are not yet using Sentieo and want to learn how you can save 100s of hours to reinvest in deeper and wider coverage, contact us for a quick consultation.