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5 ways to make your life easier during Q4 2015 earnings season

Earnings season is here. For the financial news networks, it’s constant talk of headline beats and misses.  As an investment professional, taking in all the news flow can be like trying to drink water from a fire hose. 

Below are 5 Sentieo tools that can help you survive earnings season and focus on the developments that matter the most:

1) Alert Engine

Set up alerts for new document releases, major price movements, 52-week highs and lows, and press releases.  Don’t miss out on any important developments for stocks you follow. To set up real-time alerts for the list of stocks you care about, go to your Launch an App page, select Other Apps and then select Followed Tickers + Alerts.

From the alerts dashboard, you can select the watchlist you would like to edit.  Click where the checkmarks are to toggle the document types that you would like to receive alerts for.  Sentieo allows you to receive alerts via email (including full text of documents), alerts within the “desktop” browser-based interface, and push notifications to your mobile device.

2) Track Upcoming Catalysts

Set up keywords using our Follow Search feature to receive new mentions of a search term by companies you follow in public filings, press releases, transcripts, and sell-side research.

Use case #1:
In early January, AutoNation (AN) CEO attributed strong December new vehicle sales to “significant retail discounts”.  The discounts led to “significant margin declines” in the fourth quarter.  Did AutoNation’s competitor CarMax (KMX) also slash pricing during December in order to boost sales?  With Sentieo, we can set up keyword alerts to notify us of any new mention of margin or discounts by CarMax in the coming weeks.

Use case #2:
Suppose you follow the pharmaceuticals industry.  Sentieo can track the names of specific drugs or compounds, letting you stay on top of drug approvals and clinical trial results.  You can receive alerts every time Sarepta Theraputics (SRPT) mentions Eteplirsen or Duchenne.

3) Idea Generation

Type open-ended search queries with our Document Search to find out what management teams and analysts are talking about in the latest conference call transcripts.

Use case:
Find all instances of management teams discussing the “promotional environment” of their particular industry.  This can be used to identify industries with poor economics due to irrational competition.  It can also be used to identify management teams that may be making excuses for their own poor performance.

4) Team Collaboration

Take advantage of Sentieo’s cloud-based notebook to automatically gather all of your notes, highlights, and annotations in any document on the Sentieo platform for easy search, recall, and sharing of content.

With Sentieo Notebook, you can ensure that your team is always aware of your latest research and analysis. If there are multiple earnings call happening at the same time, your team members can share their notes on each call they listen to.

Sentieo’s Notebook is available across desktop, mobile platforms, and iPad, so you’ll always have access to your notes at your fingertips. You can access your notebook by clicking the notebook icon on the toolbar.

The notebook is divided into 3 main sections:

1.The first column displays all the different ways notes can be organized. You can quickly associate any ticker to a note by simply using the dollar sign ($) tag followed by a ticker, e.g. $AAPL.  You can quickly add a label to a note by using a hashtag (#) followed by your label name, e.g. “#Earnings”.

2.The second column displays a list of notes.  You can show notes that you have created, notes shared with you, or all notes.

3.The right side of the user interface displays the active note that you’ve selected.  It is where you can edit your notes as well as share them with other members of your team. All edits made to any note are saved automatically after every character change. You can even forward emails to your Sentieo e-mail address and have them automatically saved as a new note within your Sentieo notebook. To tag e-mails, use #hashtags in the body of the e-mail. By default, the subject line of your e-mail will become the title of your note.

5) Earnings Calendar

Use our calendar function to keep track of when companies are reporting and to quickly access conference call dial-in information.  Sentieo shows you which calls happen before, during, and after market hours.

The Sentieo calendar function will populate based on watchlists.  Your default watchlist will consist of the tickers that you are following on the Sentieo Platform. Tickers added to your watchlists will also determine the news that populated on your News Stream. You can create or edit a watchlist by launching it from your Launch an App page. Select Other Apps and then click on Watchlist Manager.

As you can see, Sentieo has various tools to help you sift through information and spend more time analyzing the key pieces of information that matter the most.  We wish you the best of luck in this earnings season and many more to come!

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